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Chaidui Wendangang Village

Last updated by Journey at 2017/5/20

A village called Chaidui Wendangang, which was founded in the late 14th century, is famous for the making of all kinds of Buddha figures to be worshiped in temples and monasteries. Historical records show in ancient time when the area was ruled by the living Buddha of Junior Garma, King of the Yuan Dynasty decided that the up-stream region of the Langchang River be collected into the territory of Garma. Therefore, the living Buddha of Junior Garma invited lots of craftsmen from Nepal, India, Sikkim, and Lhasa to build lots of monasteries in the area to signify his ruling of the region. Wisdoms from the craftsman in Han, Meng, Tibet, Naxi, from Nepal and India, enrich the handcraftsmanship in Chamdo, serving for the development of the local religions and handicrafts productions, thus handcrafts in Chamdo has its peculiar nationality flavor.