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Chamdo Shopping

Chamdo Local Products:

Local products in Chamdo include Chinese caterpillar fungus (cordy -ceps sinensis), the bulb of fritillary (fritillaia thunbergii), rhizoma anemarrhenae, Flos Saussureae, Walnut, Tibetan knife, Coloured fish, bream, and highland livestock products.

Chamdo Shops and Stores:

The Friendship Store and the Shihui Store oppsite the polica station in Chamdo town sell daily neccessities and local products but if you want to buy cheap Tibetan arts&crafts, fo further to towns and villages in the region.

Chaidui Wendangang Village

A village called Chaidui Wendangang, which was founded in the late 14th century, is famous for the making of all kinds of Buddha figures to be worshiped in temples and monasteries. Historical records show in ancient time when the area was ruled by the living Buddha of Junior Garma, King of the Yuan Dynasty decided that the up-stream region of the Langchang River be collected into the territory of Garma. Therefore, the living Buddha of Junior Garma invited lots of craftsmen from Nepal, India, Sikkim, and Lhasa to build lots of monasteries in the area to signify his ruling of the region. Wisdoms from the craftsman in Han, Meng, Tibet, Naxi, from Nepal and India, enrich the handcraftsmanship in Chamdo, serving for the development of the local religions and handicrafts productions, thus handcrafts in Chamdo has its peculiar nationality flavor.

Garma Town

The Garma Town, 120 kilometers from Chamdo County, is the centre of Chamdo's fine craftsmanship. According to the records a local craftsman called Tuirichang designed the Garma monastery in 1185. Therefore, the painting in this area has covered a history of 700 to 800 years. The style of painting known as Garshog was developed in the mid 16th century; taking in elements of inland Chinese landscape style, and this became one of the most important branches of Tangka painting in Tibet. The style features compact composition, bold lines, fine detailed clothing, vivid facial expressions and bright colors. Artists here are famous for their paintings of flowers, trees and plants, mountains and waterfalls as well as for their portraits of the Buddha.