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Huping Mountain

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Huping Mountain National Level Protection Area covers an area of 45000 hectares. In the area, there are 266 hills.

Huping Mountain Range is derived from Taiqing Mountain, the north branch of Wuling Mountain. The whole natural protection area covers an area of 665.7 square kilometers.

The area from Nishi Town to Dingping Mountain with an altitude of 1870 meters, is the best place for eco-tour.

As not affected by the fourth glacier, Huping Mountain remains well entironment and a mass of rare plants. It is regarded as “the gene pool of central China” by experts home and abroad. It is also confirmed to be one of the 200 global key eco-areas by International Nature Fund and two other international organizations.

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take a coach from the county seat of Shimenshan County to Hupingshan Town, RMB 20/ person Hupingshan Town was 14 kilometers away from Jiangping. One can take circular bus. Hupingshan Town was 26 kilometers to Nanping; one can take regular bus or taxi. Nanping is 25 kilometers to the peak of Huping Mountain. One can take taxi. It is 13 kilometers from Hupingshan Town to Dongshan Peak; one can take regular bus or taxi. It is 17 kilos from Hupingshan Town to Shengtou Hanging Bridge, one can take taxi. It is 38 kilos from Hupingshan Town to Nanbei Town; one can take regular

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Recommended time: half a day

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