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Mengquan Lake

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The name “Mengquan” was written by Huang Tingjian, the famous calligrapher in North Song Dynasty. According to legend, with the word “Mengquan” in the hall, it can protect the place from fire. Mengquan Lake was a lake made by man. In the lake, there are many islands, with many aigrettes live there. Along the lake, the forests are seldom visited by people, being a kingdom for boar and other wild animals and birds.

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According to legend, when Huang Tingjian, a poet and painter in north Song Dynasty passed this place and sought temporary lodging in Huashan Temple, he saw the clean spring of Long Pool and wrote two words “Mengquan”. Later, a pavilion was built and a stele carved with “Mengquan” was kept there. It became famous and got the “Mengquan”.

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it is 30 kilometers to Shimen Town, 70 kilometers to Changde City. One can take a taxi to the lake

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Recommended time: 4 hours

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