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Ancient Changji Prefecture

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Ancient Changji Prefecture is also called “Tang Town”. At the beginning of 1980s, researchers from the archaeology institute of Xinjiang Social Science Academy did practical investigations about the relic. According to their research statistics, the town should be rectangular and the length from south to north was about 1,000 meters and the width from east to west was about 600 meters. The wall of the town should be established by tamping. The height of tamping was about 6 centimeters. In the year 1964, the remained east wall of the town was about 500 meters. The highest remained wall is about 6 meters. The widest remained wall top is about 3 meters. There is a large terrace from south to north in the old town. The main wall of the terrace is about 5 meters.

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by bus

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a whole day

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Tour time of recommendation: half a day

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