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National Nature Preserve of Bog da Mount

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The altitude of Bog da Mount is 5,445 meters and it is the highest mount in the east Tianshan Mountain Ranges. It is standing high among the mountains in the south of Fukang and its main mountainous peak and its side mountainous peaks are connected with each other to make a spectacular picture. Among its mountain ranges there are seven mountains whose altitudes are over 5,000 meters and the high mountains are running eastwards to westwards, extending about 9 kilometers. The distance among the above mentioned three mountainous peaks is very close, just about 2.5 kilometers. The main mountainous peak of them is the peak of Bog da Mount. The least height of glaciers of the mount is about 3,400 meters. Forests and vegetation are living along the mountain lines between 1,600 meters and 2,800 meters where the famous charming Tianchi Lake is located. There are un-melted snow and glacier over the peaks where silvery light are reflected and mirrored with the green clear water of the lake to make a charming natural picture which is made of the lake on Bog da Mount. On the top of the mount the climate is very bad and its temperature is usually below zero centigrade degree. It is difficult to believe in the fact that creature would be living there because almost all is frozen even the only few water there. However, snow lotus and other unknown flowers are living and adapting themselves to the bad environment for a long time. Partly it is a real miracle. There are bountiful resources among the mountains around Bog da Mount. Snow leopard and snow pheasant are lving below the snow line. And there are roes and mushrooms and other China traditional medicines like Dangshen, roots of membranous milk vetch among pine forests. And there are mines like copper, iron, mica and so on under the mountains. In history, many famous poets wrote poems to eulogize this mountain. Because it is located in the Autonomous Prefecture of Changji Hui Nationality now it has been an emblem of the Autonomous Prefecture.

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How to Get There?
There are two routes to its peak: one is from Tianchi Lake to Xiaodong Gou then along Dadong Gou to Sancha ban to its peak, the other is along Sigong River to Lixing Daban (3,700 meters high) then to its peak.

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AM 8:00—PM 7:00

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Tour time of recommendation: half a day to one day

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