Temple of Huihu Nationality

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The Temple of Huihu Nationality faces south. And the length from south to north is 70.5 meters while the width from east to west is 43.8 meters. There are total 15 cave niches, 4 warehouses, 8 side halls and 5 monk dorms in the temple. All of them makes a quadrangle .The remained height of the main palace of the temple is 14.3 meters. The remained height of the side palace of the temple is between 0.2 meter and 4 meters. There are double layers of Buddhism caves along the two sides of the northern main palace. In its side halls, there are many remained Buddhism statues like Buddha, arhats, Bodhisattva and other saint creatures. Among the Buddhism statues, there is a reclining Buddha whose length is over 9 meters. The statue of the reclining Buddha is very lifelike. Opposite the statue of the reclining Buddha, there is a piece of colorful mural painting with delicate skills. And the characteristics of Huihu Nationality at that time on the mural painting can be recognized clearly. In the west side halls, the statues are lifelike too, who are either standing or sitting. A prosperous Buddhist culture can be imagined from the statues at that time in the area. To a certain extent, the mural paintings of the temple are exclusive in the world. Most of the mural paintings were drawn by the color of shallow black at first, and then they are drawn by rich manners. The lines of the mural paintings usually are characterized by sketches. The colors of the mural paintings usually are simple but elegant. The colors usually are yellow, red and reddish brown. The drawing skills are proficient and the conceiving for the mural paintings is particular and unique. It is true that the mural paintings are valuable arts works. Now Temple of Huihu Nationality has been listed as one of China national key cultural relics. Every year a lot of archaeological researchers and visitors will be attracted to come here. The Temple of Huihu Nationality has been a famous scenic spot of the Autonomous Region of Xinjiang Uygur Nationality.

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by bus from Jimsar County

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AM 9:00—PM 7:00

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Tour time of recommendation: half a day

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