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The Devil Town

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The area of the unpredictable mysterious Devil’s Town is about 80 kilometers. There are many stone models like Arabic mosque, Cambodia Angkor Wat and Potala Palace and so on in the Town and some of the stone models look like other lifelike life sketches. All of them are very attracting. However, in geology, the geomorphologic structure of the Devil’s Town is a kind of wind erosion geomorphology. The geomorphology is made of different sedimentary rocks of Triassic, different sedimentary rocks of Jurassic, and different sedimentary rocks of Cretaceous. Under the natural forces like rain erosion and wind erosion of millions of years, the colorful natural landscape of the Devil’s Town is mysteriously developed at last.

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How to Get There?
by bus

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Opening Hours:
a whole day

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Tour time of recommendation: half a day

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