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Changji Travel Guide

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Changji Overview

The Autonomous Prefecture of Changji Hui Nationality is located in the middle of the Autonomous Region of Xinjiang Uygur Nationality. In old times, it is a must place from the famous “Silk Road” northwards to Middle Asia, Europe. It was established in 1954 and here live Hui, Han, Uygur and Kazakh nationalities. Hui Nationality is a main part among the nationalities in the Autonomous Prefecture. The population of the prefecture is 15,888 million including 36 nationalities. The population of Hui, Kazakh and Uygur is 172.1 thousand, 123.7 thousand and 60.1 thousand respectively. The capital of the prefecture is Changji City, which is located in the heartland of Asian Continent. It neighbors towering Tianshan Mountain southwards, Junggar Basin, Urmqi City, Hutubi County, Hejing County and Fuhai County. Changji City is one of the satellite towns for Urmqi City. Since it is in the centre of economic development from Urmqi to Changji and Shihezi, it is very special and important in geography.

There are deserts, grasses, plains and hills in the Autonomous Prefecture of Changji Hui Nationality and there are colorful natural sceneries, including 35 kinds of tour resources. There are 113 scenic spots which have been proved to be open. Among the scenic spots, ones from waters, biology, and geology are most import and famous. In the southern mountainous areas, there are towering snow mountains, thick forests and lush greens. In the middle plains there are plentiful beans or rice or abundant cotton. They compose a picture of western rural scenery in eastern China. In northern deserts, there are mysterious and unstrained scenery and different topographic features and even mirages which can be observed. The scenery of Changji is a kind of magnificence, abundance and primitive mystery, which is much different from the scenery of finery in South China. Just the magnificent scenery of Changji is attracting strongly and impressively.

Administrative divisions: there are Fukang City, Miquan City, Hutubi County, Jimsar County, Qitai County and the Mori Kazak Autonomous County in the Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture.

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