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Large Gorge

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Large Gorge Resort (a national forest park)of Taihang Mountain covers an area of 93 square kilometres, the rate of coverage of forest reaches 74.9%, Taihang Large Gorge has a splendid scenery, it is abundant in natural scenery and places of cultural interest. The design of the park centers around Wuzhi Gorge, Quan George and Wangmang George, and develops four scenic spots, they are Zituan Cave, Yungai Temple, Shuiyao Cave and Zhenzi Palace. In the park, there are green forest sea, sheer cliff, various-shaped stones and hills, silver-like waterfall, clear pond, magnificent temple, attractive limestone cave, charming legend. Some of the scenic spots are naturally formed, some are man-made, some are bright, some are dark, the desigh is wonderful workmanship excelling nature, the natural scenery and places of cultural interest forms a happy combination and contrast pleasingly with each other.

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How to Get There?
one can take the bus from Changzhi to Huguan County, or take a taxi to Huguan County then take taxi again to Large Gorge.

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1. May to October is the best time to visit Taihang Large Gorge. In May, it is not too hot, and make it a good place to spent summer holidays. In the autumn, the sky is clear and air is bracing, so it is the best time to visit the Gorge during this period. 2.Travel time recommended: 4-5 hours

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