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Lingkong Mountain

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/5

Lingkong Mountain is 1600-1850 meters above sea level, the highest hill is 1953 meters above sea level. Three gullies meet at the middle of the mountain and form an unuaual deep valley. The surface of the land is covered with loess, thus it is suitable for the growth of plants, plus the region is rich in rainfall, so the trees and plants are lush and green, flowers and grass cover the whole mountain. There are many caves in the mountain, the enviroment is quite quiet and secluded.

There are ten famous scenic spots in Lingkong Mountain, they are East Bell Tower, Shi Ba Pan,   Sweet Dew Spring, Buddhist Covent, Jingshen Kiln, Wulong Pond, Gaihai Cave, Sheshen Cliff, Xumei Hill, Xianluan Bridge, there are carved inscriptions about these scenic spots, and there also are poems for these scenery.

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