Changzhi Travel Guide

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Changzhi Overview


Changzhi was called Shangdang in the ancient times. It is like a bright pearl on the Taihang Mountain. Changzhi is a city with long history, the birthplace of Yan Di(also known as Shen Nong, a legendary ruler) Civilization, it is abundant in resources, and a rich, populous place in Sanjin Region( Shanxi Province). Changzhi also called “ The Land of Coal and Iron”. Changzhi has beautiful scenery, there are more than 40 scenic spots in the city, among them, there are 5 places are major historical and cultural sites under state protection, 33 places are major historical and cultural sites under provincial protection. The travel theme of Changzhi is “ Yan Di Civilization, Taihang Scenery”, three specail features have been successfully formed, they are green, antiquity and red route.

City Code: 0355

Post Code: 046000

Area: 13,864 square kilometres

Population: 3,120,000

Ethnic groups: mainly are Han People, minority nationalities are mainly Hui People

Administrative area: 10 counties( Changzhi County, Changzi County, Tunliu County, Huguan County, Licheng County, Pingshun County, Xiangyuan County, Wuxiang County, Qin County, Qinyuan County), two districts( urban district, suburban district) and one county-level city(Lucheng City)

Top Things to Do in Changzhi

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Changzhi Travel Guide


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