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Since antiquity Changzhou has been noted for making winnow baskets and wooden combs. Changzhou comb, which uses superior materials and gorgeous techniques, is well received by people and has won a great reputation of “Changzhou comb is the best under the heaven” and “famous royal palace comb”. There were records in the historical book that “the aristocratic family of combs was in Yanling.” The wooden comb of the Warring States Period, which was unearthed in the ancient grave of Paima Mountain in Jianglin, Hubei Province, is carved with characters of “Yanling Ximen”, which illustrates that Changzhou comb has a history of at least 2000 years. Especially in modern times, it has won golden and silver prizes at home and abroad for twelve times in succession. On the two International Expos held in Los Angeles and Philadelphia of America, it won silver and golden prizes respectively. The heroine of the American movie “Star Beauty (Xingchen Jiaowa)” took Changzhou comb as her breast ornament; Su Jianuo, the president of Indonesia, also took two Changzhou combs as remembrance when he returned home after paying a visit to China.

In 1979, it won the excellent quality product certificate issued by the Ministry of Light Industry. In 1981, Baixiang brand winnow basket won the national silver prize once more. The boxwood is a Chinese traditional medicinal material. Combing your hair with boxwood comb will have a good effect of massage. Su Dongpo, a great writer in the North Song Dynasty, once said that: “Combing your hair for more than one hundred times and lying with hair hanging down loosely, you will have a sound sleep till the day break”.

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You may take bus route 3 and 12 to the Jiangnan Store.

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It is open for 24 hours.

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