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Changzhou Chinese Dinosaur Park

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/28

Chinese Dinosaur Park is a first stage project started and developed by the Changzhou modern tourism and leisure area. The Chinese Dinosaur House covers a total area of 14000 square meters. The highest spot of the vault is 36 meters high while that of dragon head is as high as 71 meters. It becomes a symbolic building of Changzhou tourism for its great space and unique architectural language.

The Chinese Dinosaur House is composed of five main halls and six auxiliary halls. All the halls radiate, converge, and are related with each other through logical routes. 

It takes the evolution history of species as the design background and gives prominence to the magistral line of idea from the survival through reproduction and evolution to the extinction of the dinosaurs, and reveals the profound theme that human beings must protect the ecological environment due to the interdependence of life and environment.

The unique survival environment of the Mesozoic is reproduced by splashing waterfalls, suddenly extruding mountain rocks, an ocean devoid of water, luxuriant jungles and prehistoric caves, etc. The fossil display employs varied techniques, which applies high-tech devices and sound, light and electricity, and combines screen and video image formation, cartoon and animation, turning model of dinosaur, internet game and all sorts of scientific making, causes Chinese Dinosaur House to break through the traditional concept of “natural science” and become a modern new type dinosaur museum with shocking power that blends natural science, scientific popularization, admiration, amusement and participation into one.

There are more than twenty breathtaking and driving rhythm entertainment items arranged around the dinosaur house in the park, including traversing the Jurassic Period, the stereo maze of the Cretaceous Period, the devil's cave of diapason in Trias, drifting on barren waste, dynamic and stereoscopic motion picture, upper air slip rope, rocket man, super flying hero, hot air balloon lift-off, simulated rock climbing, lovers’ bicycle ride, ball rolling on grass slope, earthquake plate, horse riding track, parent-child park and water bicycle, etc, which relaxes tourists’ body and mind and lets them linger on without any thought of leaving.

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You may take bus route 29 at the railway station or take bus route 26 at the Jiangnan Store to get there.

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