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Dongpo Park

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Dongpo Park, which was originally named Dongjiao (Eastern Suburb) Park, is located along the Jing-Hang Grand Canal. It is a garden in the Yangtze River Delta which combines scenic resort and historic site with natural landscapes. During the South Song Dynasty, Changzhou common people specially built the “Yizhou (Anchoring Boat) Pavilion” in memory of Su Dongpo, a great writer of the North Song Dynasty, who had been to Changzhou and anchored a boat here for eleven times. When the two Emperors Kangxi and Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty made an inspection tour in the Yangtze River Delta, they had also built Wanshou(Longevity) Pavilion as their Xanadu and renovated the Yizhou Pavilion.

The basic address of the Yizhou Pavilion was originally called the Wencheng Dam. According to the legend, since Changzhou had been an extravaganza of talented people all through the ages, in order to keep   literary talent of Changzhou from flowing eastward, local people built a dam on the ancient canal so that the water fetched a large compass before flowing eastward.

The main scenic spots inside the park include Yangsu (Respecting Su) Pavilion, Bamboo Pavilion, Imperial Monument Pavilion, Xiyan (Inkstone Washing) Pond, Dragon Pavilion, Imperial Wharf, Guangji Bridge and Banyue (Half Moon) Island, etc.

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You may get there by taking bus route 11, 7, 3, 25 and 26.

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