Tianmu Lake

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Tianmu Lake is a gorgeous and vastly spread lake, located some 8 kilometers or an hour’s drive from Liyang City in the province of Jiangsu in Eastern China. Back in 1993, this lake was a popular tourist resort. However, eight years later it was converted into a natural reserve. Covering a vast area of about 300 square kilometers and with depths varying between 10 feet and 28 feet, this water body has been attracting tourists from not just China, but also from other parts of the globe.

The location of this lake, at the Tianmu Mountain’s north foot provides it an interesting look from whichever angle you look at it. In fact, this water body matches perfectly with its natural surroundings and is therefore a must visit for all tourists visiting Eastern China.

Various initiatives undertaken by the Chinese government has ensured that the quality of water in the Tianmu Lake has been maintained in excellent condition. In fact, this water body is the breeding ground for different kinds of fresh water fishes including Cod. Interestingly, two large national reservoirs fall within the jurisdiction of this wonderful lake.

The entire area is well protected through national laws and its water quality is considered to be the best in the region. The lake being a popular tourist destination was recently conferred as one of the prime destinations for the tourists visiting Liyang City and was rightfully given the 4-AAAA category status recently.

What to watch out for?

1. The surrounding area of the lake

While you are at Tianmu Lake area you need to make it a point to visit the neighboring areas as they are the natural habitat for different kinds of wild animals like wild boar, pheasant, mallard, etc. While it is allowed to feed certain kinds of animals like camel, other animals are kept in captivity. Tea is produced in large quantities in the vicinity of the lake. Therefore, visiting these places makes it for an interesting experience for visitors.

2. Tourist resorts

In addition to the area where different kinds of animals are kept in their natural surroundings, the Tianmu Lake area also houses two tourist resorts – Yushui Hot Spring and South Hill Bamboo Sea. Visitors should go to these resorts to see the other side of the nature. Both these resorts are graded AAAA and are worth a visit. The South Hill Bamboo Sea area, in particular, makes it more an interesting visit as it houses thousands of bamboo plants. It also includes a sculpture and flowing streams. This is also one of those places where you can understand the usefulness of bamboo and its real meaning. This is also an ideal place for those interested in mountain climbing.

3. Fish head casserole

You can never be far away from the marine dishes when you are near water bodies like the Tianmu Lake. In fact, the “Fish head casserole” prepared in the vicinity of the lake is to die for. Interestingly, this popular dish was discovered by the local chefs and has been hugely popular with the tourists. Though these dishes are also served in other places in China, the one that is served in the Tianmu Lake area is amazing and has to be tried at any cost!

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How to Get There?

If you are in Changzhou , you can easily take a bus from its long distance bus station. However, if you are in Liyang City, you need to board the bus number 9 to take you to the lake.

Ticket Price:

For visiting garden – 50 Yuan
For renting a boat – 35 Yuan
For visiting Bao’en Temple or Taigong Hill – 10 Yuan

Opening Hours:

The lake remains open for visitors 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However, the best time to visit the Tianmu Lake is between May and October.

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