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Baochan Mountain

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Baochan Mountain, it is named as Hua Mountain in history. An eminent monk called Huibao lived and sermonize in the mountain in Tang Dynasty.  His disciples change the name of the mountain into Baochan Mountain in order to commemorate him after he die. The politician, litterateur and reformer called Wang Anshi visit the mountain and write a famous traveling essay Baochan Mountain Travel Note in the Yuanhe year of the North Song Dynasaty (AD 1054). Many scholars of the past dynasties wrote articles on the wall of the cave and engraved poems on the rocks. Huayang Cave is called admirably the first cave in China. There are hanging stalactites and jagged rocks of grotesque shapes in the cave. The cave is 1800 meters in deep. There are 10 scenic areas and 102 scenic spots The Cave System are divided into, Front Cave, Rear Cave, Sky Cave and Earth Cave. Every cave is interlinked.

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How to Get There?
You can take the bus from the Liyang Station of He County to Hanshan County ,RMB¥3 per person , or the bus from Chaohu to He County . Then get off at the Jingqu crossing and get on the bus to leave for Jingqu, RMB¥2 per person . It costs RMB¥5 if only person.

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Opening Hours:
All day

More Tips:
1.There are caves and rivers within caves. The sceneries change as you move your step, full of magic and mirage. You will have the enjoyment of art that “Visit the mountain just as you read the history; watch the caves just as you appreciate pictures” when you come here. 2.Recommended duration for travel: Three hours 3.Telephone: 0565-4356388

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