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Dongan Forest Park

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There is an old Osmanthus Fragrans Lour – the king in east China that is over 600 years old and an old Ginkgo whose leaves cover the sky and the sunlight that is over 500 years old. There are five kinds of rare and endangered tree species belonging to the State-Level II trees (Among there is a Pseudolarix amabilis—the king in the Area between the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River). And more than 100 wild animals perch in the forest, mainly including azure-winged magpies, owls and wild boars. Cultural landscapes include the mausoleum of the patriotic Anti-Japan leader (Major General) Zhang Wenzhong (Zhang Zhizhong’s brother), forming a cemetery park in a corner of the forest park. In addition, there is the relic of Yuantong Temple built in Ming Dynasty.

Now more services and facilities are added for visitors to spend a relaxed vacation, such as, restaurants, hotels, etc. The opening scenic spots in the park are Badou Peak, Lovers Garden, Drunk Supernatural Beings Valley, Happy Forest, Wild Boars Forest, Pleasure Garden, Towers Forest, etc.

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There are buses in Chaohu City. You can also get there by taxi.

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1. It is north subtropical moist monsoon climate in Chaohu. It has a moderate climate and four distinct seasons, cold winter and hot summer. There is a remarkable monsoon climate. The best time to travel in Chaohu Dongan Forest Park is the spring and autumn season every year. 2. You can enjoy famous meals, such as, Chaohu Whitebait, China Hairy Soft-shelled Turtle Crab, Chaohu Bee Shrimp and Chaohu Mao Fish in Chaohu Dongan Forest Park, several km away from Chaohu Lake and the downtown of Chaohu. 3.Recommended duration for travel: Three hours 4.Telephone: 0565-2606405

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