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Lao Mountain Island

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There are many cultural landscapes in Lao Mountain Island. A natural harbor at the south foot of the island was called “Nantang” in the past, which shelters from the cold wind. It was set up when the chiefs Yutonghai and Liaoyongan led the navy to fight against the enemies during the end of the Yuan Dynasty. Shengfei Temple is on the mountainside facing the lake. The construction of this temple was started in the Jin Dynasty, which was used to sacrifice the goddess of controlling the lake. Now there are still many visitors to come to Shengfei Temple praying for safety, quite bustle. Wenfeng Tower was built in the fourth year of Chongzhen reign. It was at the top of the mountain. The tower is built by laying oblong stones and 51 meters high. It is an octagonal building and seven stories pagoda. There are 135 steps in all. There are 802 Buddhist statues and 25 stone tablets in it. When climbing up the tower and looking far into the distance, the watery blue reaching far beyond the horizon and the waters and skies merge into one color. Host birds fly in the sky, which make you feel completely relaxed and joyful.

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How to Get There?
Lao Mountain Island is located in the heart of the Chaohu Lake of Zhongmiao Town, Chaohu City, 3 kilometers away from the coast, 40 kliometers away from Hefei, and 50 kilometers away from the urban district of Chaohu. Turn right after arriving at Yang Town and drive straight to Zhongmiao Town if you come from Hefei. Drive along the Hubin Road directly to Zhongmiao Town if you come from the urban district of Chaohu. Then go to Lao Mountain Island by motorboat.

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All day

More Tips:
1.Visitors could stay overnight at a farmhouse in Lao Mountain Island at present. The traveling merchants from Hongkong will build a grand four -star rated modern vocation village. In the future visitors can come to stay at there, relaxing and amusing. 2. You can taste delicious meals in farming families. The main meals are fresh lake foods here. Fishermen themselves fish and the price is very low. The lake foods are fresh. There is a special meal stir-fried Maochao fish with capsicum. More special meals wait for you! 3.Recommended duration for travel: Half of a day

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