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Tangchi Hot Spring Vocation Area

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The water of the Tangchi Hot Spring is pure, superior and abundant. It is not exaggerated to compare it with Huaqing Pool in Xi’an, Shanxi Province or Dayingkou Hot Spring in Henan Province. It is called one of four famous hot springs in China. The water-saving area covers several thousands meters long and 20m wide. There are more than 10 spring mouths. They have an flow of 1000 tons per day and an average temperature of 54℃. The water contain more than 10 kinds of trace elements, which makes it suitable for bathing and considerable treatment of quite a few disease such as rheumatism

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How to Get There?
Tangchi Hot Spring is located in Tangchi Town, west of the County of Lujiang, 5 km away from Hean Road, only 3 km away from the Lujiang station of Hejiu Railway.

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1. The best time to travel in Chaohu Tangchi Hot Spring Vocation Area is the spring and autumn season every year. 2. Go to Chaohu Lake to enjoy the water and fishing boats at dawn. The scenery is beautiful and excellent. There are many fresh lake foods that aren’t polluted. It is said that in Shanghai people eat shrimps even containing contraceptive drugs. Such a thing doesn’t take place absolutely in Chaohu Lake. It isn’t necessary for visitors to go to Lao Mountain Island and Tai Lake. You must go there by bus, costing RMB¥5 per person. The taxi costs RMB¥100 or so (100 km). Salted shrimps are local fresh product. 3.Recommended duration for travel: Three hours 4.Telephone: 0565-7085505

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