Huining Temple

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Started from 1738 (the third ruling year of Qianlong Empire), the construction of Huining Hotel lasts twelve years. It accounts for 13,000 square meters with 169 rooms, a perfect combination of the construction styles of three nationalities—Han, Mongol and Zang. Compared with Beijing Yonghe Palace and Jinluan Palace, it has a similar style with them but a three-inch-higher roof.

There are seven halls which have been designated as Yinzhan Naxi Memorial. Yinzhan Naxi is a famous neoteric Mongolian litterateur and historian; he has contributed a lot to Mongolian civilization and thus won a high status in the literary history. Inside the Memorial hall exhibits hangovers of Yinzhan Naxi, such as the four treasures of study (referring to writing brush, ink, slab, and paper), tableware, manuscript and bed clothing.

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How to Get There?
You can spend eight Yuan to take an autobus from the passenger transport station in front of Chaoyang Railway Station and reach Huining Temple in an hour. The best way to go to the temple is taxi and it costs only 15 to 25 Yuan.

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8: 00-17:00

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