Wuliancheng Site

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 Wuliancheng Site is composed of Houshan Town, Beishan Town, Xicheng Town, Laosifen Town, and Maotoushan Town. It cuddles a valley at its foot in a half ring and boasts of steepness.

The five component towns are quite close to each other. They are all built upon mountain tops or ridges except Xicheng Town which is rectangle in shape, 150 meters in length and 120 meters in width. Accountings for 18,000 square meters, It is the largest one among the five. Houshan Town is the smallest one with an area of only 6000 square meters. All the ramparts are made of stone and those of Xicheng Town and Laosifen Town are the best in terms of construction quality. The ramparts are three to five meters high and eight to twelve meters wide at the bottom. Besides ramparts, the unearthed sites also include relic of residential buildings. The excavated relics are represented by stone wares, crockery, stone zax, and trapezoid stone shovels. Unearthed crockery wares are characterized by tags of jar, basin, and sand-mixed brown grain pottery, etc.       

The relics themselves tell that conflicts among different social classes and national conflicts were escalating at that time and the whole society was in disorder. Research on Wuliancheng Site not only contributes to understanding the establishment and evolution of Jianping area, but exerts positive influence upon the study of the source of ancient Chinese civilization and society.

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