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Chaoyang Travel Guide

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Chaoyang Overview

Chaoyang City is one of the cradles of Chinese nation. It is the horizon for the uprising of oriental civilization and a shinning pearl in West Liaoning Province. The city accounts for 20,000 square kilometers with a total population of 3.27 million.

Chaoyang in Chinese means the uprising sun in the early morning. Therefore, as its name implies, the city of Chaoyang enjoys the “kinship” with sun. It is endowed with abundant natural resources, favorable heat conservations, and rich sunlight hours, enabling Chaoyang to be as important as the Qingzang Plateau in Northeast China. Moreover, thanks to the diversified geographical environment, clear disparity on temperature between daytime and evening time, as well as rich heat in raining seasons, the city of Chaoyang is reputed as an exuberant and vigorous green vegetable kingdom.

District Number: 0421
Postcode: 122000
Nationalities: there are more than 27 ethnic groups, including Han, Manchu, Hui, Mongol, Korean and Xibe.
Administration: Chaoyang City administers two municipalities (Shuanta District and Longcheng District), two counties (Chaoyang County and Jianping County), one autonomous county (Gelaqin Left Wing Mongol Autonomous County), and two cities of county level (Beipiao City and Lingyuan City).