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The North Pavilion Buddhist Lamps

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It faces the rapid falling water of Hanjiang River to the east. Climbing onto the North Pavilion, you can see the “E’duqiufeng” or crocodiles crossing the autumn wind on the north bank, “Hancixiangmu” or the Han’s Temple and its oaks opposite to the river, “Xiangqiaochunzhang” or the Spring Rising Water of Xiangqiao Bridged, “Fenghuangshiyu” and many other splendid views. Looking down at the Hanjiang River, you will see the river water flowing rapidly and many boats sailing on its surface. It is said that the Buddhist Lamps emit golden light at night, which can be seen from the Luhu Lake, about 15 li away from the upper reaches of Hanjiang River and the lower ones to the Rapid Flowing Tower, as well as on the land from the east Nanwudong in Raoping to the west Fuyang in Chaozhou. Therefore, the lamps become the sign of night navigation on the Hanjiang River.

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How to Get There?
You can take Bus No.2; get off at Laiyi primary school stop then walk for 200 meters to get there. Price for the Ticket: 1 yuan/person

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Recommended Visiting Duration: for a half day

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