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Xiangzi Bridge

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Standing on the gate tower of Guangjimen, you can enjoy beautiful views, so “Donglouguanchao” or viewing the tide on the East tower is listed as one of the wonderful sceneries in chaozhou, which would surely be visited when tourists come to Chaozhou. Situating at the outside of the East Gate of Chaozhou Ancient City, Guangji Bridge is commonly called Xiangzi Bridge and was once praised as the Earliest Bridge of “opening and closing” style in the world by the famous bridge expert, Maoyisheng. The bridge, built in the Song dynasty, is originally a floating bridge as it was joined by 86 gigantic boats and its initial name is “Kangji”. After the construction of past dynasties’prefects, its piers were built and changed name to “Dinggong Bridge”. Till the Ming dynasty, it change name to Guangji. In the second year of Yongzheng Period in the Qing dynasty, a golden cow was put on the eighth pier of West Bridge and the twelfth pier of East Bridge respectively. In the second year of Daoguang Period, the golden cow on East Bridge fell into the river.

Guangji Bridge once became the significant pivot for collection, distribution and transshipping of goods. It is a real portrayal at that time that “Each li of the bridge is a market and the bridge is so long that when you are on the bridge you still ask where the bridge is”.

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How to Get There?
you can take Bus No.3 and 10 and get off at Hanci Temple stop.

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Around the clock

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Recommended Visiting Duration: for 20 minutes

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