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As a famous city with a long history and good culture, also a medium modernized city, Chaozhou was successively assessed as the hygienic and civilized city in Guangdong Province. It is now working hard to gain the title of “excellent tourism city in China”.  It covers an area of 3,614 square kilometers with a total population of 2.47 million. Chaozhou is one of the major source of overseas Chinese, and 2.3 million overseas Chinese are from here.

In 1986, Chaozhou was announced to be a famous historical and cultural city of our country. And then our government protected and renovated the National Key-protected historical relic, Guangji Bridge and emperor’s son-in-law Xu’s mansion; besides, our country also reconditioned a series of places of interest, such as ancient walls, towers, temples and residence, built Taifo Hall, Huiru Garden, Raozongyi Academic House, Fenghuangzhou Park, Bingjiang Gallary, Daibei Hall in Kaiyuan Temple, extended Kaiyuan Public Square and renovated Hanwengong Temple, which added beauty to the famous city.

Area Code: 0768

Zip code: 516000

Tourist Complaining Hotline: 2277123

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Chaozhou Travel Guide


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