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Pule Temple

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Pule Temple commonly called Round Pavilion is located at the east shore of the Wulie River backing on the Club Peak. The temple was constructed in the 31st year under the reign of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty  as a result of the increasingly friendly relationship between the Qing Dynasty and the nomadic tribes in the northwestern part of the country. During Emperor Qianlong's reign, the close communication between the Qing governent and the Kazak ethnic group resulted in the successive arrival of envoys from the Kazak tribe. To accommodate these envoys and to show his respect to their culture, Emperor Qianlong ordered construction of this temple.

Inside the temple are halls housing scultures of various Buddha, a drum tower, a clock tower and a hall to give Buddhist scripture. The temple complex looks grander and resplendent.

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It is located at the east shore of the Wulie River backing on the Club Peak

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30 yuan in peak season( April-October); 20 yuan for the rest of the year.

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