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Dongjiang Lake Scenic Spots

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/5

Dongjiang Lake, the pearl of South China, is located at Zixin,Chenzhou City, Hunan Province and is one of the best tourism scenic spots in Hunan. Its total area covers 200 km2 , of which 160 km2 is water. Since the 8.12 billion m3 water is very clear and dozens of islands scatter here and there, it is called “Orient Switzerland”.

 It is also a natural oxygen bar, for the air here is extremely fresh and a little sweet. Standing by the lake, looking as far as you can, you can see a lot of green cypress, dark green firs, and light green pigweed. Their shadow reflects in the water, which makes a beautiful and mysterious picture.

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How to Get There?
Take a minibus to get to Xiaodongjiang; or take a bus from Chenzhou to Zixin, then change another bus in Zixin. If you are to do driftage, please take a speed boat to Huangzao Town from the Dongjiang dam, then take a special bus to Dragon King Temple (the starting point of driftage), which takes about 40 minutes. If you go to Doushai Island, you can take a speed boat from the Dongjiang dam or Huangzao Town.

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Opening Hours:
Whole day

More Tips:
1.There is a very characteristic tourism item by Dongjiang Lake, that is, one can be a guest to the local farmers’ house. Then one, together with the local people, can go to pick Dongjiang Tea, fish for Dongjiang Fishes, get in fruit in their orchard, and have dinner with them during which one can taste the local wine and dishes. The price is ¥60 / person, including three meals and lodging. It is not far from Huangzao Town, and it only takes 20 minutes on foot. By the way, one can be met by the local people. 2.Touring time recommended: 2 days

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