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Emperor Yi's Mound

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Emperor Yi’s Mound is big and round in appearance. To be more specific, it is 3 m in height and 4 m in diameter. In front it stands a monument, both faces of which are caved Chinese Character, which are said to caved on it in Song Dynasty. The mound is flanked by two stone pillars caved couplets. In 1957 it was repaired, and a fence of bricks and stone was built and a new white marble gravestone erected in front of it, saying “Emperor Yi’s Mound”.

On the right side of the mound was the Emperor Yi Temple, which was removed to the front side in Yuan Dynasty and was repaired in the 12th year of Emperor Qianlong in Qing Dynasty. Inside the temple hangs the picture of Emperor Yi. The picture of Emperor Yi, and Emperor Yi temple and monument were respectively announced as provincial key protective cultural relic in July, 1956 and in January, 1959.

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You can take inner-city bus to get there.

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Touring time recommended: One hour

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