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Mangshan National Forest Park

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Mangshan is located at Jingfeng of Yizhang County which borders on Guangdong province and is 130 km from the center of Chenzhou City. The total area is 20,000 hektare, and it is the assemblage zone of plants, and it is the most characteristic sub-tropic virgin forest and ever-green broad-leafed wood preserved best. Here grow more than 1700 kinds of plants, of which 5 kinds are the national first-class protective rare ones. Here live about 300 kinds of animals, of which the snow leopard, Yellow-bellied tragopan, spotted deer, golden cat and boa are the national first-class protective ones. So it is called “Natural Museum of Propagation” and “Gene Bank of Biology” by experts home and abroad. It is a national reserve sanctified by State Department. Here the climate is ideal for it is just like spring all the year round. With green mountains and clear water, it is an ideal place to tour, entertain, prevent sunstroke and hunt.

The minority Yao lives nearby. Their houses have very exquisite roofs and poles, finished wood windows, and picture plaques about the main gates, which forms a unique characteristic of primitive simplicity and elegance. And their raiment, embroidered with fine pictures, are simple, beautiful. The King Pan Festival started to fast King Pan and singing competition are endowed with folk customs.

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How to Get There?
It is 30km away from Nation Road 107, 69 km from Jingguang Double Line, 64 km from Jingzhu High Way. You can drive on National Road 107, pass Yizhang, Pingshi, Yiliu, and then turn off the National Road 107 at the 2032.3 km crossway to the road direct to Manshan National Forest Park.

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Opening Hours:
6:00 – 18:30

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Touring time recommended: Half a day

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