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Wanhua Cliff Scenic Spots

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/21

The main scenery in Wanhua Cliff Zone is the large Karst cave underground, which belongs to characteristic Karst Landform. The climate here is Sub-tropic Monsoon Climate, which is humid and rainy. Because of its beautiful scenery, it is well-known all over the world.

Wanhua Cliff is rich in tourism resources. It was firstly developed in 1978 and it was open to tourists on May 1st, 1987. In 1990s, it was listed in the first provincial key points of interest. And the large-sized Karst caves are its main sceneries. The main cave has been proved up more than 9 km, and the subterranean river is over 8 km in length, of which 2,245m has been open to tourists. There are 3 entrances, 12 labyrinthine and queer halls, 23 scenic spots in the main cave, and in branch cave, 430 m in the main cave, there are unique stalactites and three cataracts whose mystery attracts people to appreciate. Generally speaking, the width is 15-20 m and the height 10-20, and the widest place is 110m and the highest point is 30m. The air here is fresh and flows smoothly, and the constant temperature is about 19 ℃ throughout the year. The stalactites on the wall look like living birds and beasts and vivid flowers.

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How to Get There?
There is high-level road through the scape zone. It takes only half an hour to get it by bus from Chenzhou City. You can take a luxurious bus to get to it in front of the Gas Building in Yanquan Road, and the ticket price is ¥4 / person.

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Opening Hours:
A whole day

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Touring time recommended: Half a day

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