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Chenzhou Travel Guide

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Chenzhou Overview

The City of Chenzhou in Hunan province has a long history and splendid culture. The Chinese character “郴 (Chen)” , firstly appeared in the old books of Qin Dynasty, means the city hidden in the forest.

Chenzhou city is rich in natural resources. So it is called as “The Hometown of Colored Metal in China”, “The Key Forest in South China”, and “The Energy Base of Hunan Province”.

Its forest coverage accounts for 59.1%, so it is the natural treasure area in South China. There are 100,000 mu virgin forest in Manshan, Yizhang County where the animals from north and south gather, which bring a prestige as “The Second Xishuangbanna”. Now it is a national forest park. Chenzhou is rich in tourism resources. The scenic spots, made up of Mountains, water, caves holes,  are beautiful, rare, quiet and attractive to those interested in adventure. Its scenic spots include Suxian Mountain which is listed as one of the eighteen places of good fortune, Wanhua Cliff which is called The Cave of Wonder in the World, Dongjiang Lake which stores 8.2 billion stere water and is called “Dongting Lake in South China”, and Dongjiang Driftage called the first driftage of ecology tourism in China.

City Number: 0735

Post code: 423000

Districts: Guiyang, Jiahe, Linwu, Yizhang, Rucheng, Guidong, Yongxin, Anren, Beihu and Suxian, and Zixin.

Area: 940,000 km2

Population: 4.442 million