Asihatu Stone Forest

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years of erosion by wind and sand, the stone forest erects in the spacious grassland, while backing endless birch forest. For a distance, it indeed resembles an ancient castle with stones and rocks of queer shapes shooting high. Some are like hundreds of horse running abruptly. But as the tourist draws closer, she or he will find these strange pinnacles resemble towers, bamboo shoots, pillars, lions, gates, Buddha or fairies. Some seem carved by human being while others seem to be created by the god.

The landscape is usually viewed as a miracle. The whole tourist district is full of towering trees, flowers, green grass and mushrooms with birds flirting and deer running. Tourist can not only appreciate the magic scenery of the combination of stone forest, misty pines and grassland, but also can experience the grandness and magnificence of nature.

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How to Get There?
There are two routes going to the scenic spot. The eastern route: Lin County—Tongbu—Banfangzi County—Tianhe Town—Asihatu Stone Forest; the western route: Keshiketeng Banner—Bayanaobao—Bayinchagansumu—Asihatu Stone Forest.

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all day

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Beautiful Mongolian girls will present pure white hada, offer mare’s milk to tourists, while singing songs and dancing Andai dance to welcome guests. The best time to Asihatu Stone Forest is in summer. Because Asihatu Stone Forest lies high at the North Mountain, Tianheyuan Town, and there are 2 kilometers of steep road up the mountain, therefore, it’s better to charter a jeep from Chifeng with a charge of 150-200 Yuan per day. Because of no telecommunication signals in the stone forest, cell phone is useless, but direct dial telephones are available in the town.

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