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Baiyinaobao National Nature Reserve

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Established in 1979, the Natural Reserve focuses on the protection of Picea Mongolica forest ecosystem. In Baiyinaobao Natural Reserve, there is a large area of Picea Mongolica forest, which is called the sole natural coniferous forest gene pool on the Inner Mongolian Plateau Prairie. Due to its special location, this reserve also provides wild animals an ideal habitat to dwell and procreate their species. According to statistic, many a rare animals live in the reserve, including Bustard, Grey Crane, Swan, Lynx and Red Deer. The reserve not only has a positive effect on the protection of forest ecosystem and local livestock husbandry, but also is of significance to the study on the Picea Mongolica’s origination and differentiation.

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How to Get There?
There are scheduled buses to Baiyinaobao at Jingpeng Town Bus Station.

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all day

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The most typical and most famous thing in the reserve is the Picea Mongolica (sandy spruce) forest. There are 2 areas of Picea Mongolica forest in the world. The first is in the West America. The second area is in the Baiyinaobao Natural Reserve. Because this kind of spruce trees grows only in sand in Inner Mongolia, therefore, it is named Picea Mongolica. The Picea Mongolica forest has varied views in four seasons during a year; such kind of beauty is beyond words. There are no hotels or restaurants in this sparsely populated area other than several holiday inns along the highway.

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