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Kelaqin Prince Residence

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  Since it was originally built in 1679, Twelve Kelaqin Kings had once lived in the Prince Residence. Encompassing an area of 129 mu, the Prince Residence had 300 rooms in the past. The mansion consists of the first hall, the second hall, lobby and the Chengqing Building. There are two yards beside the axis. In the western yard there are family temple, ancestral hall, living room, studies and martial court, while in the eastern one, you will find theater and bedrooms of His Highness and his wives. All well-arranged buildings in the mansion are brick and wood structures. Also, the whole mansion had been dotted with flowers and lined with trees like evergreen, pear and mulberry trees, which formed a refined and tranquil environment. Nowadays, there are merely 108 rooms remaining intact along with twenty huge green trees growing in the courtyards.

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Tourists can get to the destination by taking a scheduled bus at Jinshan Bus Station.

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The best time for a visit to the Prince Residence will be in May and October when it is amiable here. Besides, the landscapes and scenery in the neighborhood are also very charming, not to say the exciting annual fair held in the Prince Residence.

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