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Relic of Middle Capital in Liao Kingdom

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As the largest one of the five capitals in Liao Kingdom, the Middle Capital is made up of outer city, inner city and the imperial city with a wall as long as 15 kilometers. The outer city extends 4.2 kilometer from north to south and stretches for 3.5 kilometers from east to west. The remains of the wall still stand 4 to 6 meters high. According to archaeological discovery, an area to the south of the city used to be a Hans residence area, where there were architectures like market, temple, civilian residences, post house and government office. The Relic of Middle Capital in Liao Kingdom possesses huge archaeological value in the study of ancient Qidan’s survival and development.

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A scheduled bus from Tianyi Town to Dachengzi will bring you there within 20 minutes.

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The Daming Temple Fair, also an economic and cultural meeting, will be held in Ningcheng County during every April first to April eighth, when visitors and businessman from home and abroad will congregate here. This fair not only adds modern spirit to the city, but also makes the Relic of the Middle Capital known far and wide.

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