The Ulan Buh Grassland

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In the Ulan Buh Grasslands in Inner Mongolia, travelers will be surprised at the fairytale-like display of birch trees. Forests combine with the distinctive features of a grassland: a broad meadow creates a wandering mood, hundreds of types of flowers in meadow seem like a European painting come to life, and the iconic birches look as if straight out of a storybook. If one visits Ulan Buh in order to pay tribute to the ancient battlefields that once took place there, the place will feel tranquil, intimidating, and void. For a traveler looking for special views beyond the Great Wall, Ulan Buh will allow them to indulge in a overwhelming panorama unlike any other. And for the photography buff, Ulan Buh may not be the most striking at first, but its quiet essence will be one that both the mind and camera will want to treasure. The Ulan Buh Grasslands was selected as the Top Undiscovered China Attractions

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In Keqi Town of Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia.

How to Get There?
Take the bus from Chifeng to Keqi Town at Chifeng Bus Station and then there are buses available to the Ulan Buh Tourism Area.

Ticket Price:
60 yuan

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