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Shanghai Airlines

Shanghai Airlines

Shanghai Airlines is a major domestic and international airline in China. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Eastern Airlines, following a merger in 2009; however, it has retained its separate operations, distinct branding, and its livery. The merger was an effort to reduce the competition between the two carriers, since both of them were operating from Shanghai. The main goal was to help them compete together against their rivals China Southern Airlines and Air China. The merger was completed in 2010, and shortly after, the airline left its original alliance to join China Eastern’s alliance.

Shanghai Airlines was established way back in 1985 and was the first commercial airline funded by Shanghai’s municipal government and local enterprises. At first, the airline only served domestic flights, but has began flying to international destinations since 1997.

The airline has also made it to the Shanghai Stock Exchange in late 2002, which helped expand the airline. In 2006, it was able to establish its cargo subsidiary.

It is symbolized by a white crane set on a vertical tail fin in red. The crane is also a transfiguration of the first character in the airline’s Chinese name.

Fast Facts

• English name: Shanghai Airlines
• Chinese name: 上海航空公司
• Main hubs: Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
• Alliance member: SkyTeam alliance
• IATA code: FM
• ICAO code: CSH
• Call sign: SHANGHAI AIR
• Headquarters: 212 Jiangning Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China
• Frequent flyer program: Eastern Miles
• Company slogan: Safety First, Passenger Paramount Superior, Service Quality and Achieving Reputations
• Official website: http://www.shanghai-air.com



Shanghai Airlines, despite being smaller and being owned by a larger carrier in China, is highly popular mainly for its accident-free record and its range of premium services. It is also rated as a Top 500 China Enterprise, although it is quite small in terms of fleet size compared to other airline companies in the country. It is currently taking the lead as a commercialized airline in the Chinese Civil Aviation Industry. Its general performance record is also impressive, with its Total Transportation Turnover Volume ranked at no. 9.

Branches in China

Shanghai Airlines has established its business offices in 15 domestic cities.

Main flights

Dep. - Arr.

From - To


13:30 - 15:15

Anqing - Shanghai


07:25 - 09:55

Beijing - Lanzhou


07:30 - 09:40

Beijing - Shanghai


07:55 - 10:00

Beijing - Nanjing


08:30 - 10:40

Beijing - Shanghai


11:30 - 13:40

Beijing - Shanghai


13:50 - 15:55

Beijing - Hangzhou


14:05 - 15:55

Beijing - Harbin


17:10 - 19:05

Beijing - Xian


17:50 - 20:00

Beijing - Hangzhou


19:15 - 21:30

Beijing - JiuJiang


20:30 - 22:45

Beijing - Shanghai


20:35 - 22:05

Beijing - Jining


22:00 - 23:55

Beijing - Shanghai


12:00 - 14:30

Baotou - Shanghai


Premium Economy Class

Shanghai Airlines operates First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class cabins. Passengers traveling in first and business class may enjoy additional privileges, such as increased baggage allowance. There are no Premium Economy cabins in Shanghai Airlines flights.


Shanghai Airlines was welcomed as the 19th member of Star Alliance in December 2007. However, after the 2009-2010 merger, the carrier had to leave Star Alliance so that it could join its parent company in the SkyTeam alliance.

Membership in the SkyTeam means that passengers can also enjoy special service from SkyTeam members including:

Aeroflot, Air France, China Eastern Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Korean Air, Aeromexico, Alitalia, China Southern Airlines, Kenya Airways, TAROM, Air Europa, China Airlines, Czech Airlines, KLM

The carrier also has codeshare agreements with two other airlines, namely China United Airlines and Sichuan Airlines.

Fleet and Destination

Its main domestic flights are carried by its Boeing series fleet, which includes seven B757-200s, three B767-300s, and three B737-700. Out of 67 aircraft, 64 are from Boeing, while the rest are Bombardier CRJ-200LRS.

The airline’s main operations are focused on domestic routes but it has partnered with selected international airlines for flights to major cities in Asia and Australia. Right now, it has over 80 domestic routes to 27 large and mid-sized Chinese cities including:

• Beijing
• Guangzhou
• Kunming
• Shenzhen
• Xi’an

It has also began serving a Shanghai to Macau route.

Although its main market is mainland China, it also services regional routes as ell as international flights to select cities in the following countries:

• Japan
• South Korea
• Cambodia
• Philippines
• Thailand

All in all, the airline has 140 routes to 60 domestic and international destinations.

Luggage Allowance

Details regarding luggage allowance are similar to those of China Eastern Airlines.

Carry-on luggage

For carry-on luggage, each passenger is limited to 1 piece with a weight limit of 5 kg and a size limit of 115 cm linear inch. All luggage exceeding either one of these two requirements will have to be checked.

Checked luggage

Domestic route

All checked luggage should not exceed 50 kg each with a size limit of 40cm x 60cm x 100cm. The free luggage allowance for each passenger is 40 kg (first class), 30 kg (business class), and 20 kg (economy class).

International route

All checked luggage in international routes should not exceed 32 kg in weight and a linear inch size of 158cm. The free luggage allowance for international flights, however, may vary based on the route. They can be measured in terms of total weight or in terms of pieces and weight.

When measured by total weight, first class passengers have to meet a 40kg limit, while business class flyers have to meet a 30 kg limit. Economy class passengers are allowed 20kg each, while infant passengers are given 10 kg.

When counted by pieces, first and business class passengers are allowed two pieces of luggage, each with a 32 kg weight limit. Economy class passengers are allowed two pieces of luggage too, each one with a weight limit of 23 kg.

In-Flight Food

Shanghai Airlines serves Western and Chinese dishes for First and Business class passengers, while economy class passengers are provided with a standard Chinese fare prepared in an internationalized manner to suit the tastes of international passengers. Beverages are also served onboard. Additionally, First and Business class passengers are given desserts.

On some routes, special meals can be served. Children’s meals are available on most routes with no prior reservations required. Foods, however, for special dietary needs or religious requirements should be requested 48 hours before departure.

Special Services

Wheelchair service

Passengers are allowed to bring their own wheelchairs but have to check it during the flight. Passengers who will need wheelchair services have to make reservations 72 hours before departure.

Pregnant service

Pregnant women less than 32 weeks pregnant can travel like a regular passenger but is subject to their doctors’ advice. Women between their 32nd and 36th weeks, however, will be required to submit a certificate of diagnosis issued by a doctor; it should be issued within 72 hours prior to departure. Women in their 36th week and beyond will not be allowed onboard.

Frequent Flyer Program

Shanghai Airlines shares a frequent flyer program with its parent company, China Eastern Airlines. Thus, members of Eastern Miles can earn miles from flights on both airlines as well as on other members of the Sky Team.


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