tianjin binhai airport

The Tianjin Binhai International Airport is an airport serving Tianjin. It is also known as one of the major air cargo centers in the country. Its passenger movement is also high, handling 7,277,106 passengers in 2010. This recorded a 25.9% increase compared to the passenger traffic in 2009. It is, however, not as busy as 21 other airports in China, making it the 22nd busiest airport in the country. Despite this, it is noted as one of the fastest-growing airports in the country.

Fast Facts

• Chinese name: 天津滨海国际机场
• IATA code: TSN
• ICAO code: ZBTJ
• Address: Dongli District, Tianjin

Location and Distance

The Tianjin Binhai International Airport is an airport located in the Dongli District of Tianjin. It lies at 13 kilometers or 8 miles away from the city center and is about 30 kilometers from the Tianjin New Port. The airport is the only passenger airport in Tianjin, making it the only means of air transport in the area. Due to its location, it is also the nearest alternative airport to Beijing Capital International Airport.

Terminals and Airlines

The Tianjin Binhai International Airport is the hub for Tianjin Airlines, a privately owned airline of Okay Airways. The airport is also a focus city for Air China. These three airlines along with most major airlines in China offer domestic flights from the airport. This brings the total of domestic airlines flying out from the airport to 18, which include:

Air China (CA), China Southern Airlines (CZ), China Eastern Airlines (MU), Xiamen Airlines (MF), Grand China Express (GS), Okay Airways (BK), Hainan Airlines(HU), Shanghai Airlines (FM), Sichuan Airlines(3U), Shenzhen Airlines (ZH), Shandong Airlines (SC), JuneYao Airlines( HO), China West Airlines( PN), Lucky Air (8L), Deer Air ( JD), Kunpeng Airlines (VD), Kunming Airlines (KY), Spring Airlines( 9C), Asiana Airlines (OZ), Korean Airlines (KE), Japan Airlines (JL), All Nippon Airways (NH), Air Asia (D7), EVA Air ( BR), TransAsia Airways ( GE), Vladivostok Air(XF)

Currently, the airport also serves international flights by the following airlines:

• Korean Air
• Asiana Airlines
• Japan Airlines

All in all, the Tianjin Airport serves flights to over 50 destinations both locally and abroad.

All flights are served from just one out of the two terminal buildings, the newer of which was completed in 2008. The new terminal is three times bigger than the older one. Since it was completed, T2 became the only terminal used for passenger transport, while T1 was dedicated for cargo. More expansion plans are underway as well, and by the end of three construction phases, the airport terminal is expected to be able to handle up to 40 million passengers per year.

The previous expansion also widened the runway to 75 meters from 50 meters and also lengthened it to 3,600 meters. A second runway was also completed in 2009. The airport is currently trying to hit the ten million mark in terms of the number of passengers it handles annually.

Transportation to/from the City

Tianjin Binhai International Airport is surrounded by a well-developed and a highly convenient transport link system. Thus, passengers can easily choose from among these transportation options to get to the airport from the Tianjin city centre and vice versa. Those who have onward destinations can also easily take long distance buses that can take passengers from Tianjin airport to nearby areas including any part of Beijing.

For transport within the city, passengers can choose from airport shuttle bus, public city bus, and taxi.

Shuttle Bus

Passengers who prefer to take the convenient, faster, and hassle-free airport shuttle bus can do so by going to designated pick up points. Always time your arrival at the pick-up point to avoid wasting time waiting for the next trip. Departure times for the airport shuttle buses as well as fare and trip durations are detailed as follows:


Operating Time

Pick Up Points

Ticket Fare


Airport→Tianjin Railway Station

6:00--19:30, every 30 minutes

Gate 2 of Domestic Exit



Tianjin Railway Station→Airport

6:00--19:30, every 30 minutes

North Exit of Railway Station, near the Post Office



Airport→Tianjin Railway Station→Nanjing Lu

19:30-the last flight, every 30 minutes

Gate 2 of Domestic Exit



Airport→Nanjing Lu

10:15-19:15, every 30 minutes

Gate 2 of Domestic Exit



Nanjing Lu→ Airport

5:50, 09:15, 11:15,
12:15, 14:15, 16:15

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Public City Bus

Passengers can also take the public city bus, which is less expensive than the airport shuttle buses. Take note, however, that public city buses have more stops and tend to be more crowded, especially during the peak hours. Thus, take note of the stops and the schedules and make sure to leave home earlier especially if you have a flight to catch.

Bus Number: Airport Special Bus No. 1
Terminal: Disanda Jie Bus Stop, Tianjin Economic Development Zone
Stops: None Stop
Ticket Far: CNY10
Duration: 60mins.

Bus Number: Airport Special Bus No. 2
Terminal: Parking Lot at Yongjiu Jie, Tanggu District
Stops: None Stop
Ticket Fare: CNY10
Duration: 60mins.

Bus Number: Airport Special Bus No. 3
Terminal: Haiguan Bus Stop, Tianjin Harbor Bonded Area
Stops: Haiguan, Shuiwuju, Keji Fazhan Zhongxin, Tianbao Shangwu Jiaoliu Zhongxin, Huizhan Zhongxin, Tianda Kejiyuan, Stanley Electric Company, Nestle, Investment Service Center (Xiqu), Huanhedong Lu, Gaoerfu Wenquan Bieshu, Investment Service Center (Konggang), Xisan Dao, Qicheyuandong Lu, Konggang Guoji Qichecheng
Ticket Fare: CNY10
Duration: 60mins

Bus Number: Airport Special Bus No. 4
Terminal: Tianjin Leyuan Bus Stop
Stops: Tangshan Dao, ChongrenLi, Hubei Lu, Xiaobailou, Daguangmingqiao, Tangjiakou, Changzheng Lu, Zhongbeili, Qihexinyuan, Yishouli, Cuibu Xincun, Shanghang Huayuan, Wanxing Huayuan, Songfengxi Li, Panshan Dao, Laoshan Dao, Wujing Yiyuan, Wanxincun Nan, Yangtai, Gongdi, Chenglindong Li, Dengzhou Li, 3rd Petrochemical Works, Limingzhuang, Airport Office Block
Ticket Fare: CNY3
Duration: 60mins.

Bus Number: Airport Special Bus No. 5
Terminal: Tianjin Leyuan Bus Stop
Stops: Tianjin Leyuan, Xinanlou, Tianjin Daily Building (North), Guanghuaqiao, Dazhigu, Mianfang Yichang, Dazhigu Wuhao Lu, Dazhigu Houtai, Dongfeng Didao, Dongfeng Lijiaoqiao, Zhiyaochang, Ertongcun, Junshi Jiaotong Xueyuan, Dongjuzi, Tianshan Lu, Wujing Yiyuan, Lanting LI, Songshan Dao, Yihongdong Li, Songfengdong Li, Limingzhuang, Airport Office Block
Ticket Fare: CNY3
Duration: 60mins


Passengers who want comfort and convenience and are willing to pay more for it can also take a taxi directly to the airport. Taxis, however, cost more so it is best to be aware of the fare and the distance you are traveling. In Tianjin, the taxi flat rate is CNY8 for the first 3 kilometers, CNY2 for each kilometer between 3 and 10 kilometers, and CNY3 for each kilometer if the trip exceeds 10 kilometers. For long trips over 10 km, you will also be charged an extra 50%.

Long Distance Buses

Long distance travelers can take a long distance bus and the train to go to nearby cities. The long distance buses travel from the Binhai Airport to the Beijing Bawangfen Coach Station for just CNY35 for each person. You can also take an airport shuttle bus going to the railway station in Tianjin, then take a train to Beijing.

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