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Jiuquan gets its name from a line of a poem, that is, "there is a spring under the city and the water in the spring tastes like wine". Jiuquan is " the hometown of the Dunhuang art " and " the cradle of China's aerospace industry". Mountain, basin, gobi and oasis are the important elements of the landscape in Jiuquan. Qilian Mountains spans large area and stretches far. Snow, ice and glacier can been seen here and there in places above 4,000 meters above sea level. The gobi and desert are broad and boundless. The black gravels in the desert are ancient and attractive. Mirage is manifested briefly in the desert. The basins between mountains are contiguous. There are a lot of plains and oases in Jiuquan. Streams flow through the whole city. The natural landscape is bizarre and splendid.

Jiuquan City is located in the fort of the northwest frontier. The Silk Road runs across here. It has a very long history. Jiuquan,...

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