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About China Kempinski Hotels

Kempinski is a very large hotel brand in Europe, where it originated. It used to be owned by the wealthy Berthold Kempinski who ventured into it together with his wife and nephew. Later it was acquired by Hotelbetriebs-Aktiengesellschaft in the early years of the 1950s. Nevertheless, its history actually began during the 1800s, making it the oldest upscale hotel in the continent. Over the years it has expanded to more than 75 properties in no less than 30 countries. Most of the ownership, moreover, is under Crown Property Bureau Company Limited of Thailand. Kempinski has always been aware of the kind of brand and message it wants to send to travelers: luxury in all aspects. Also, it tries to balance their portfolio by spreading their hotels between leisure and urban centers. In Chinat it can be found in the busy streets of Beijing, Shanghai (Pudong and Puxi), and Qingdao, as well as in the more laid-back Dalian, Chengdu, and Sanya. Kempinski has also partnered with a domestic company called NUO in the hopes of building a local brand with authentic European feel. Comfort and luxury are very much evident in all Kempinski hotels in the country. Those in the urban areas such as Beijing boast of more than 400 rooms across several floors, each of which is fitted with plush carpets, sleek furniture, and comfortable lounges and beds. They are also equipped with facilities for making tea or coffee. The highlight is a magnificent view of the nearby attractions. Guests can also take advantage of a limousine service and concierge. Internet is available all throughout the hotel’s public areas and meeting rooms free. The group behind Kempinski also leads GHA (Global Hotel Alliance), the biggest consortium of hotels in the world, and guests can participate in the GHA Discovery Program, which entitles them to different benefits, depending on the package.

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