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About China Orange Hotels Hotels

The Orange hotels are a common fixture in China, especially in the busy districts of Beijing. It is currently under the management of Mandarin Hotel Holdings Limited, which doesn’t have any connected with the Mandarin Oriental hotels. As of press time, though, one of the biggest private equity companies in the world, Carlyle Group, has decided to invest hugely in the growing mid-tier traveler’s market in the country by partnering with the Mandarin Hotel Holdings Limited. The Carlyle Group also invested in another China hotel management firm known as New Century. The Orange hotels, specifically the Crystal Orange chain, are known not only for being high end but also for being truly designer. They are famous for the incorporation of the orange color for brand imaging, as well as for the use of more modern art themes such as pop art, which has been popularized by Andy Warhol. There are many different colors that are incorporated in their design, allowing every hotel to never look the same, at least in the interiors. Because of their unique and forward-thinking approach to design, the Orange hotels are considered to be China’s number one boutique hotel. Besides Beijing, Orange hotels are also in Tianjin, Beijing, Ningbo, Nanjing, Dalian, Shangai, Qingdao, and Qinhuangdao. The rooms can be standard or loft style—that is, there’s a more open but upper area. This is more ideal to those who travel in groups or families. The boutique hotel is small but it has ample space for a cozy courtyard with sets of tables and chairs for the guests. The accommodations, moreover, are usually near the streets, which make them very accessible. A one-of-a-kind offer of the hotel is the custom-made music door. Guests can upload personalized greetings or any audio file, which can be played upon entry into the hotel.

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