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About China Shangri La Hotels

The term “Shangri-la” was first coined by author James Hilton in his book The Lost Horizon (1933). It is supposed to be a fictional place, but over the years, many have associated it to mean peace and happiness, as well as China. Shangri-la today is also an apt name for a luxurious hotel brand all over the world. The Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts is part of the Shangri-la Group, which also owns Traders and Kerry Hotel brands. It is also related to Shangri-la Limited, Shangri-la Hotel Public Company Limited in Thailand, and Shangri-la Hotels Berhad in Malaysia. Although the name may be Chinese, the group is based in Hong Kong and the first hotel was built in Singapore around the early 1970s. In Asia Pacific, there are over 80 Shangri-la hotels and resorts, increasing the group’s portfolio to around 34,000. Unsurprisingly there are several Shangri-la hotels in China, such as In Baotou, Beihai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Songbei, Kumming, Fuzhou, Guilin, Guangzhou, and Dalian. Others like Jinan, Hefei, Hainan, Xiamen, and Yingkou are still under construction and will open in the next few years. There are also two general types of Shangri-la accommodation. The first one is the resort, which is intended for the leisure travelers, those who are definitely looking for relaxation and are planning to stay within the resort or within the vicinity all throughout their stay. The other one is the hotel, which is found in more urban addresses. They are more popular among business travelers and those who are in the area for a short-term stay. There’s really no standard Shangri-la hotel look, even in China. The one in Baotou has more rounded exteriors than the towering skyscrapers located in other areas. The one in Shenyang, meanwhile, feels like a grand Chinese-European mansion with its thick columns around the entrance and green shrubs that adorn the path.

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