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About China Westin Hotels

The Westin Hotels and Resorts is an upscale hotel of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. It currently has more than 190 hotels all around the globe. It was established in 1930 by Severt W. Thurnston and Frank Dupar, who themselves owned different hotel brands. One day they met and discussed about strengthening their portfolio through an alliance. They later partnered with Adolph and Peter Schmidt, and their hotel chain became known as Western Hotel. They joined all their individual properties later on, and they were called Western International. Westin, therefore, is a contraction of such name. In 1998, Starwood took over, making it the present owner. There are many Westin hotels in China, and some of them are nearing completion or about to be open in the coming months. These include a Westin in Chongging Liberation Square, Haikou, Qingshi Bay Resort, Sanya, Wanning, Changhsa, Suzhou, Qingdao, Wenzhou, and Zhoushan. Almost all Westin hotels are characterized by their towering skyscrapers made up of different floors. The exteriors are normally made of glass that made them look very modern and sleek. Overall, Westin hotels follow 6 programs: Sleep Well, Eat Well, Move Well, Work Well, Play Well, and Feel Well. The Sleep Well incorporates their Heavenly Bed, which is made from 250-thread count sheets, plush pillow, custom-made pillow top mattresses, and duvets of down feathers. It’s known for its softness and comfort, guaranteeing restful sleep. Guests who can’t have enough of it are free to buy a Heavenly Bed at Westin. Eat Well refers to its host of restaurants and bars that serve different kinds of meals and cuisines for various types of palate. Some of them also serve authentic Chinese dishes and teas. For Move Well, the hotel has an extensive fitness facility and workout program. Work Well includes elaborate business amenities such as rooms that are dedicated for video conferencing.

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