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Chengde Hotels

There are 2 Chengde Hotel Found

Price Range: All < 50 USD 50 -100 USD 100 - 200 USD > 200 USD

Hotel Classes: All Budget Hotel 2-Star Hotels 3-Star Hotels 4-Star Hotels 5-Star Hotels

Hotel Location: All Near Train Station Near Airport City Center


Chengde Yunshan Hotel

Location: No.2 Banbishan Road, Chengde

Customers' Rating:4.32 / 5

Satisfation: 60%( Yes. 3 No.2 )


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Mountain Villa Hotel

Location: 11, Lizhengmeng´╝îChengde, Hebei, China

Customers' Rating:Not rated, be the first one to rate it.

Satisfation: 0%( Yes. 0 No.0 )


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