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In Pursuit of Kungfu Tour

10-Day, Beijing, Xian, Luoyang, Dengfeng, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Private Tour (CT-KF-01s)

In Pursuit of Kungfu Tour
In Pursuit of Kungfu Tour
Forbidden City
Visit the Forbidden City to learn about China, Beijing.
The Bund
Nightscape of the Bund, Shanghai.
Terracotta Army
The world wonder, Terracotta Army, Xi'an.
Temple of Heaven
Tour the Temple of Heaven, Beijing.
Ancient City Wall
Sunset views at the Ancient City Wall, Xi'an.
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Peggie Lv,

Tour Designer

Travel to Shaolin Temple to experience the mysterious world of Shaolin Kung Fu. See the grace and power combined in the demonstration of Shaolin Kung Fu art by a Master.

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Day by Day Tour Itinerary

Beijing Arrival (Flight not Inlcuded)
Activities: Airport pick-up and transfer
Hotel: Dongfang Hotel Beijing 3-star hotel (or 4 and 5-star hotels)
Meals: None

The first stop for your Kungfu pursuit journey is the capital city Beijing. Our Beijing tour guide will pick you up at the airport. On the way to hotel, he / she will introduce you to the charming city of Beijing. Check in and have some free time.

No meals included for today.

Smart Tips:

  • It's easy to make entry to Beijing. Please let us know if you need help booking the flights.
  • If the day is still young after your check-in, you can get around in the city. A drumming show at the Bell and Drum Tower will give you an insight on how people keep time in the past.
  • Hotel choice: Dongfang Hotel Beijing 3-star hotel, Holiday Inn Express Beijing Dongzhimen - Beijing 4-star hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel Beijing Chaoyang U-Town 5-star hotel
Activities: Tian'anmen Square, Forbidden City, Yonghe Lama Temple, Hutong visit, Nanluogu Xiang Hutong and a pearl store
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch

The largest public square that can hold one million people, Tian'anmen Square is our first site for today. Later, get into the Forbidden City and visit its main parts of the Hall of Mental Cultivation, Hall of Supreme Harmony, Palace of Heavenly Purity and Royal Garden.

Have lunch and visit a pearl store. We carry on to Yonghe Lama Temple, the only Lamasery in Beijing. Later, get on a rickshaw and visit the Hutong. Walk along the interesting Hutong Nanluoguxiang Hutong.

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

Tian'anmen SquareTian'anmen Square
Forbidden CityThe Forbidden City in Beijing
Hutong VisitRide a Rickshaw in the Hutong

Smart Tips:

  • There are plenty places around Nanluoguxiang Hutong that you can have a good dinner. After dinner, why not try some Rock'n'Roll at Mao's Live House?
Activities: Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall at Mutianyu Section and a cloisonne factory
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch

The royal altar, Temple Of Heaven is a complex featuring the Circular Mound Altar, Echo Walls and the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest. After some time here we will be heading to the Great Wall at Mutianyu Section. A round-way cable car ride will lift you up the mountain ridge, taking in amazing views.

We will stop by a cloisonne factory before heading back to the city.

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

Temple of HeavenTemple of Heaven
Great WallGreat Wall at Mutianyu Section

Smart Tips:

  • Don't leave Beijing without a bit of the world-known Peking Duck. We'd recommend a nice place called Hua's Restaurant, offering a royal dining experience.
Beijing to Xi'an (Flight CA1235 1700 - 1855)
Activities: Summer Palace, Bird's Nest, Water Cube and 798 Art Zon
Hotel: Xi'an Skytel Hotel 3-star hotel (or 4 and 5-star hotels)
Meals: Breakfast and Chines Lunch

Digging more royal charms, today we will visit the royal garden at Summer Palace. Later, take a walk outside the Bird's Nest and Water Cube. We will leave Beijing with an artistic ending by a visit at 798 Art Zone.

The afternoon flight takes you to Xi'an. Check in upon arrival.

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

Summer PalaceCorridor at the Summer Palace
Bird's NestBird's Nest in the Golden Sunset
798 Art Zone798 Art Zone

Smart Tips:

  • It will be late when we check in the hotel in Xi'an, so we'd suggest you stay in for the night and get some good rest for tomorrow.
  • Hotel choice: Xi'an Skytel Hotel 3-star hotel, Xi'an Garden Hotel 4-star hotel, Sofitel on Renmin Square Xian 5-star hotel
Activities: Terracotta Army, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and an art center
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch

The first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, had the ambition to rule the world even after his death, just like any other great kings would dream. So he odered over 8,000 clay-made soldiors and battle chariots, which is now known as Terracotta Army. After a couple of hours admiring this wonder, we will stop by an art center before lunch.

In the afternoon, we will visit the landmark of Xi'an: Big Wild Goose Pagoda.

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

Terracotta ArmyTerracotta Army
Big Wild Goose PagodaBig Wild Goose Pagoda

Smart Tips:

  • The drive from city center to the Terracotta Army takes about one hour depending on the traffic.
  • There is a public square right behind the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Fountain Square. Aside from the fountain music shows at night, you can also get some awesome photos of the pagoda from distance.
  • Shaanxi's main cuisine featuring with various kinds of noodles, try it out at First Noodle Under the Sun.
Xi'an to Luoyang (High Speed Train G2008 1450 - 1613)
Activities: Ancient City Wall, Muslim Quarter and train station transfer
Hotel: New Friendship Hotel 3-star hotel (or 4 and 5-star hotels)
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch

Take a morning walk along the Ancient City Wall, word has it that it's amazing in the early morning and sunset. Later, go to see how bustling a Muslim community can be at the Muslim Quarter.

Have some simple lunch and we will get on a high speed train to Luoyang. Our Luoyang tour guide will pick you up and take you to hotel for check-in.

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

Ancient City WallAncient City Wall in Xi'an
Muslim QuarterThe Muslim Quarter

Smart Tips:

  • Hotel choice: New Friendship Hotel 3-star hotel, Joyson International Hotel 4-star hotel, Huayang Plaza Hotel 5-star hotel
Luoyang to Dengfeng
Activities: Land transfer, Shaolin Temple, Pagoda Forest, Kungfu show
Hotel: Shaolin Int'l Hotel 3-star hotel (or 4 and 5-star hotels)
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch

After breakfast, our local tour guide will escort you to Dengfeng.

Check in upon arrival. Later, we will go to the legendary Shaolin Temple. Here, you will walk passing by monks at Kungfu practice, the rooms they live and Pagoda Forest. Later, awaits for us is a wonderful Kungfu show. Enjoy it!

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

Shaolin TempleShaolin Temple in Dengfeng
Pagoda ForestPagoda Forest
Kungfu ShowHard Qigong at Kungfu Show

Smart Tips:

  • The drive from Luoyang to Dengfeng takes one hour and a half.
  • Dengfeng cuisine boasts itself for creative vegetarian menu, try it out at Linden Tree Vegetarian Restaurant.
  • Hotel choice: Shaolin Int'l Hotel 3-star hotel, Chanju Hotel 4-star hotel, Chanwu Hotel 5-star hotel
Zhengzhou to Shanghai (Flight CZ6805 1020 - 1210)
Activities: Land transfer and airport pick-up
Hotel: Kingtown Hotel Plaza Shanghai 3-star hotel (or 4 and 5-star hotels)
Meals: Breakfast

After breakfast, our local tour guide will escort you to Zhengzhou, where you will fly to Shanghai. Check in upon arrival.

You will have the whole afternoon exploring Shanghai.

Breakfast is included for today.

Smart Tips:

  • The drive from Dengfeng to Zhengzhou takes an hour and a half.
  • If you are into old stuff, you can check out Dongtai Road Antique Market, otherwise, go shopping for the latest hits at NOVO near People's Square.
  • Looking for extraordinary way to tour Shanghai? We can help you book a Side-car Adventure, which is the # 1 activity on Trip Advisor Shanghai forums.
  • Hotel choice: Kingtown Hotel Plaza Shanghai 3-star hotel, The Bund Hotel Shanghai 4-star hotel, Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel 5-star hotel
Activities: The Bund, Shanghai Museum, Nanjing Road, Yuyuan Garden, the Former French Concession and a silk store
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch

Shanghai has so much to offer. Firstly, you will walk on the The Bund, which is a reminder of history. Later, learn more about the city at Shanghai Museum before heading out to the busy street of Nanjing Road. Have lunch and stop by a silk store.

Yuyuan Garden is also a must-see site. Later, feel up the romance of the Former French Concession.

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

The BundThe Bund at Night
Yuyuan GardenYuyuan Garden
French ConcessionShady Street at the Former French Concession

Smart Tips:

  • Tour back to the Bund and find Unico, absolutely worthwhile for their special tapas.
  • Shanghai's night can be even more glamorous! Book a ticket to the ERA Time Acrobatic Show, that's a 2 hours that you will never gonna forget.
Shanghai Departure (Flight not Included)
Activities: Airport transfer
Meals: Breakfast

Today you will get on the departure flight and leave Shanghai. Thanks for traveling with us. Hope to see you again soon!

Smart Tips:

  • Please double check your luggage before check-out.

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  • Suitable for families with kids, student groups and travelers alike.
  • Classic China tour destinations including Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai.
  • Experience China's high speed train.
  • Flexible arrangement allowing some free time for your solo adventure.

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