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China Train Travel

Luxury train like Shangri-la Express, high speed bullet trains or ordinary trains, a China train travel is all about real experience at a reasonable price. China Travel books the train tickets, assigns train station transfer, arranges the whole tour and escorts you all the way. Contacting us, you can choose a long-distance train travel from Beijing to Lhasa; otherwise, a ride on the Maglev from Shanghai to Hangzhou can also be a highlight of your China tours.

12 Day Beijing to Urumqi Silk Road Adventure by Shangri-la Express

Shangri-la Express takes you back to the Silk Road dating back to over 100 years ago. Beijing, Luoyang, Xi'an, Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi and other highlights will delight your way!

Price From: USD $ p/p

12 Day Urumqi to Beijing Silk Road Adventure by Shangri-la Express

Starting from Urumqi all the way to the ancient capitals Xi'an and Beijing, Shangri-la Express (aka Oriental Express) will replay history for you. Note: Cabins are sold out due to the popular of the route, please see the similar private tours.

Price From: USD $ p/p

6 Day Train Tour to Beijing & Shanghai

Pack up highlights of Beijing and Shanghai in this 6-day China tour, you will get a great value and experience.

Price From: USD $599 p/p

8 Day China's Golden Triangle by Train

The new trains in China offer you a comfortable and easy way to explore Shanghai, the Entombed Warriors, Forbidden City, Xian, and the Great Wall at a very affordable price!

Price From: USD $839 p/p

10 Day Beijing, Xi'an and Yangtze China Dream Tour

A deal comes well in a budget need! With us, you can travel to Beijing and Xi'an and take a Yangtze River Cruise on a budget of 120 USD / Per day and less.

Price From: USD $1,369 p/p

12 Day Train Safari Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin and Hong Kong

Make the most of your travel funds while travelling in complete comfort as you take in everything China offers, from Hong Kong to Beijing.

Price From: USD $1,569 p/p

7 Day Tibet Discovery Tour by Train from Xining

This exclusive tour allows you to take train along the new Tibet Railway as you explore the most beautiful and mysterious part of the world.

Price From: USD $1,599 p/p
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