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China Family Tour - For Your Memorable Holiday

Spending some time with your kids

Take Family Album on the Great Wall

Pay the panda a kind visit

Say Hello to Giant Pandas

Learn Chinese brush drawing

Chinese Painting

Food arranged based on your taste

Taste Chinese Food

Safe escort with in-car baby seat

Escort with in-car baby seat

Guilin Landscape

Bamboo Rafting & Countryside Biking

If you want to plan a family tour to China, don’t hesitate! China is a vast country with various sceneries and activities. We have experience of 50-some years in putting countless families' dream trips to China into reality. Our travel advisors, who are also parents themselves, spare no effort in helping you. We can provide you:

  • Safety
  • Flexible Itinerary
  • Family-friendly Activities

On this page, you can go through our top family tour picks which are all flexible and ready to be customized. You will see key attractions; join in some fun activities with your family members, like panda volunteer program to take care of pandas, bamboo rafting to view amazing Karst landscape in Guilin, learning to cook a Chinese dish, making dumplings or a kite, and riding in the countryside or a city to explore the most authentic aspects of China. We are also more than happy to tailor make a family tour only for you.

China is a great country for your family holiday. As certain concerns might occur, you should choose an experienced and caring helper. We can help you to deal with all your concerns including communication, transportation and accommodation. And, of course, you are always welcome to contact us when you have any question.

Most Popular Family Tours

Great Value & Classic$1,229

8-Day Great Value China Tour for Family

Beijing - Xi’an - Shanghai

Explore China with your family! See imperial, historical and modern aspects of China. Key sites, family-friendly hotels and restaurants, and solo adventure tips are all included for your precious family holiday. Most of our customers choose this itinerary as their first trip to China.

Fun for Curious Teenagers $1,469

10-Day Golden Silk Road Family Exploration Tour

Xian - Dunhuang - Turpan - Urumqi - Kashgar

The Silk Road is mysterious. Unfold the most amazing scenery along the road to explore its ancient glory and charm. You will be impressed by historical wonders and amazing natural scenery of China.

For All Family Members $2,329

11-Day Culture & Yangtze Cruise Family Holiday

Beijing - Xian - Chongqing - Yangtze - Yichang - Shanghai

You will have a unique experience by seeing adorable pandas, visiting a local family in hutong, and leisurely cruising along the Yangtze River. Also hike on the famous the Mutianyu Great Wall, a golden place for photo.

Family Relaxed Tour $1,249

8-Day Water Town & Yellow Mountain Tour

Shanghai - Suzhou - Huangshan - Hangzhou

The thriving modern city of Shanghai is surrounded by beautiful ancient Chinese culture and one of the best scenery-water town. Explore the classic beauty of Hangzhou, Tongli Water Town as well as the magnificent Yellow Mountains.

Short Stay Options to Enrich Your Family Tour

Chengdu Family Tour

3-Day Chengdu Family Holiday


Make China's pandas your close friends! This Chengdu package allows you and your kids to pay pandas a close visit, see highlights in Chengdu, and have a cruise on Minjiang River to gaze the largest Buddha statue.

Price from: $499 p/p
Xian Tour

3-Day Xi'an Family Tour


This family trip is a good chance to view something new in Xi’an, the ancient capital of China. You and your kids will see an interesting shadow puppet show. You will also visit and learn something about the Terracotta Army and climb up the Hua Mountain.

Price from: $349 p/p

Common Concerns about China Family Holiday

I have a large family, can you offer me some discounts?

Certainly! The more people in your group, the lower the price you can get for per person. Children under 12-year old always have a discount. It is a good opportunity to invite your relatives for a memorable China family holiday.

When is the best time for joining family tours?

We can customize a private tour only for your family.

From March to November, the climate is moderate in China so it is also the best time to China. There is no restriction or set departure dates and you select a date that works best for you. Considering flight and hotel reservations, we suggest you book your tour in advance. In this way, you will have enough time to adjust your itinerary and prepare for the big journey, not to mention some coming promotions and deals.

If you plan on traveling to Tibet, it is better for foreign travelers to apply for the permit at least 30 days prior to the date of travel because it takes about 20 days to apply for Tibet Travel Permit.

Can I travel to China with babies?

Yes, China is a good travel destination for kids of all ages. For safety and health reasons, however, we don't suggest you travel with babies under 6 months. Some places and activities are not suitable for babies: Tibet, some parts of Yunnan and southern of Sichuan (for high altitude), long-distance hiking in Yunnan or mountainside (for high energy consumption) and remote places in Xinjiang (for difficult acclimation in climate and food).

Should I hire a tour guide for my family holiday in China?

You might have some concerns before or during the tour, especially with a large family. It would be careless if you choose an experienced helper. A guide will deal with a lot of problems for you. But if you do not want to hire a tour guide, you should plan your family trip ahead of time and find some help from a Chinese travel expert.

Will my children like the food in China?

There are various kinds of food available in China for you to choose, including Western food, Chinese food, fast food, vegetarian food and sea food. There will be dishes catering your children. Our experienced guides will help your children to select dishes.