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What should I do after I lost my passport in China

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1.   When you make sure your passport is definitely lost, you have to report the loss in the nearest Public Security Bureau(公安局) as soon as possible. You need to get the lost-passport report paper there.

2.   Then you need to go to your country’s nearest embassy or consulate, and apply for a replacement passport in person. It takes 1 to 2 days to get the replacement passport as your embassy or consulate need to check your real personal information and different work hours might make the time longer. The replacement passport is only valid for a month, and you will also get an identification with your original passport number and information from the embassy or consulate.

Documents to apply for the replacement passport
(1).  It’s better to offer the lost-passport report from the Public Security Bureau.
(2).  A receipt of the hotel you stay
(3).  A copy of your original passport

3.   A traveler who doesn’t travel with a China travel agency need to apply for a new Chinese travel visa in the Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration as soon as possible. When you leave China, you need the visa to pass through the Security. You can apply for the most urgent visa with a more expensive price and get the visa in one day when you need it.

Documents to apply for a new visa

(1).   It’s better to offer the lost-passport report of the Public Security Bureau.
(2).   Certifications of China travel agency which services you.
(3).   The replacement passport
(4).   Scanning of your original passport and visa
Tip: You can ask the Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration for more detail information about applying for a new travel visa.

4.   When you travel with a group visa, if you can catch up with other travelers you don’t need to apply for a new visa. However, if you can’t keep travelling with the group, you need to apply for a separation of group visa which your travel guide will help you to deal with.
Tip: You can keep a separated copy of your passport and visa in case you need them when you lost your passport during your journey in China.

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