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Are there any suggestions on what I should do or take to acclimatize the altitude in Tibet

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Almost every visitor will be affected by the high altitude of Tibet as it is located in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with altitude over 3000 meters and many areas are over 5000 meters. Most visitors can acclimatize high altitude by taking it easy for one or two days.

We would love to make several suggestions to visitors who plan to visit Tibet.

1.    For the sake of visitors, people with serious heart disease are not suggested to visit Tibet. Those with less serious heart problems and high or low blood pressure need to consult doctors before travelling.

2.    Keep in mind that you should keep healthy and not to get cold before entering Tibet.

3.    The first day when you arrive at Tibet, you should not take a bath and smoke. It is good for visitor to drink plenty of water while travelling in Tibet.

4.    Eating more light and high-carbohydrate food helps visitors increase energy and visitors should avoid alcohol as it may cause dehydration.

5.    Tell your guide immediately if you don’t feel well. Guide will give you advice.

6.    To protect your eyes and skin, it is advisable to use sunscreen, sunglass and lip cream as the sun’s solar radiation in Tibet will strike with unusual intensity.

7.    Visitors should bring normal medications and high altitude medications when you visit Tibet. For more information about the medications, you should consult your doctors before travelling.

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